I am posting this on behalf of Kathy Johnson, owner of Pollyanna.

Polly has been at Noel Fitzpatrick's since mid-January. She is paralysed as a result of a trauma. A microscopic piece of cartilage is lodged in her spinal cord and it is not operable. She is being treated with hydrotherapy and physiotherapy and although she is showing some improvement it is very slow and she still can't stand.

With the weeks going by and Polly’s progress so slow, it is devastating for Kathy who is heartbroken to be faced with the possibility of losing her beloved wolfhound. We, her close friends, have been helping in any way we can by visiting Polly weekly and trying to encourage Polly to get up. Polly is always very bright, alert, cheerful and loving

But she cannot stand up yet. She needs time -a lot more time, before she may be able to stand. Sadly, her vets cannot continue to care for her for more than a few more weeks. And this will be nowhere near long enough. Polly does not need any medical treatment, just time and rehabilitation.

It is not feasible for her to return home to Kathy. Polly needs to be lifted and turned regularly and, as Kathy is on her own, she would not be able to do this. It needs maybe two or three people to lift and turn a wolfhound.

That is why we are turning to you. Are you able to help? Do you know of a canine convalescent home that Kathy could consider and where Polly might be cared for while she recovers?

People in the wolfhound community do incredible things. We are praying that someone who reads this can offer assistance or advice.
or make a donation to keep her longer in care.