Part-time Kennel Assistant required, for the Bonaforte Irish Wolfhound Kennel

Busy, yes, fun yes, 08.30 start with a flexible end to the day - once the job is done.

Experienced working with dogs would be required, as welfare checks need to be carried out, ensuring the provision of adequate fresh food and water.

To provide dogs with environmental enrichment through play and exercise.

Ensure enclosures are cleaned in accordance with clear instructions and maintained to the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Be able to provide the dogs with medicines if required.

Giving love, kindness and cuddles to all dogs at all times.

There is a lot of cleaning involved. It is imperative that you have extremely high standards as we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of the kennel.

There are extra hours avaible for General Odd Job duties too



Confusion Around Allergies

Talking with pet owners can be illuminating. Those conversations often reveal what they believe about food allergies: that is, their pets have an allergy to a meat protein (chicken, beef, etc).


How do they know for sure? Could it be a flea bite?
Is it observed during the relative humidity months of the year? Is their pet bathed regularly?

The typical response is always ‘I switched foods, and the problems went away’. These include problems like dry skin, itching, flaking, dermatitis and diarrhoea.

Some protein allergies do exist, but the nutritional formulation and processing controls can vary widely among pet foods. Nevertheless, consumers and the blogosphere are quick to blame pet foods for the use of some ingredients (preservatives, colours, fibres) which are unproven allergens. Our recipes are formulated without artificial colours or preservatives.

Allergy vs intolerance People often misunderstand food intolerance as an allergy, interpreting an intestinal upset as an allergy.

A true allergy is an immunological response to a protein allergen and can be seen in itchy skin, skin and ear infections and even hair loss. However, food reactions range from 1% to 6% of all dermatoses seen by veterinarians.

Most true allergies seen in pets with skin disorders are due to fleas, dust mites, grasses, pollen and other environmental issues. If the immune system is indeed compromised, flea insensitivity and dermatitis can be triggered.

How can an owner know that their pet truly has an allergy? Veterinary practices will be able to offer allergy testing to try and identify the potential causes for the clinical signs being seen. Although, most would suggest this has to be done by process of elimination, changing from one food (or one ingredient) to another. If the owner is a typical pet owner, they are feeding many treats, table scraps, dental products along with their complete and balanced food(s). A new food regime must be fed 45 to 60 days to ultimately allow the new food to be seen to be having an impact.

Bonaforte Recipes Our pet food recipes are formulated for everyday health and well being and often exclude ingredients which may cause unwanted intolerance’s including grains (i.e wheat and maize) as well as beef, chicken, soya, or dairy. Our recipes may able to assist with food intolerance’s as opposed to allergic reactions and are not classed as an allergenic pet foods.


5 Stars awarded to the Bonaforte Kennel under the New Dog Breeding Regulations


5 Stars awarded to the Bonaforte Kennel under the New Dog Breeding Regulations

I am needless to say over the moon with my 5-star rating awarded to the Bonaforte Irish Wolfhound Kennel under the new Defra Regulations.

On the day of the inspection, we spent three and a half hours and answered 47 sheets of questions, including providing extensive documentary evidence, and it makes complete sense because at the heart of it are the dogs and the puppies welfare, and for this reason alone we all need to be embracing this change.

It's the beginning of a considerable change for breeders of any kind, and one we should all welcome, if you breed, even one litter, make a profit, or have a stud dog and make a profit you will eventually need a licence. There are so many caveats attached at the moment, but they all seem to be pointing in the same direction, breed one litter, advertise, make a profit, and you need a licence, and a licence number.

Follwing the link below to read more on the Kennel Club website.



Crufts 2019- aka "Bonaforte Party Time"


Well, Crufts 2019 has been and gone and as always the actual day was as good as the anticipation.

Of the 139 hounds entered we had 4 Bonaforte hounds across the classes sadly Hugh and I couldn't attend, but what was simply fantastic was the non-competing owners made their way to the NEC to offer support and catch up with everyone.

Thank you very much for the show of solidarity from the Bonaforte family We have long believed that we have the best owners and this kind of camaraderie extends across both showing and non-showing owners, supporting each other at these events. It is one of the things that gives us the most pleasure as this love of the breed forges genuine strong friendships.

54424805_543336132854314_2624742475515822080_n (1).jpg

Hugh and I were kept updated throughout the day with photos and videos from ringside with everyone saying what a lovely atmosphere there was. Although for the most part, we weren't the judges choice Bonaforte's Opulence with CladdaghWolf -Rupert with Amanda was VHC in a strong PGD class. We are delighted with this beautiful hound, not only for his elegance and graceful movement but also for his fabulous temperament. He was a perfect breed ambassador the whole day. Carl and Rupert getting mobbed by vast amounts of people and he had a kiss or lick for everyone. One gentleman in particular who was in a wheelchair declared Rupert his “dog of the day” which Amanda and Carl said meant more than his card.

The Bligh Clan

The Bligh Clan

Ava Bligh was 1st in Good Citizen and Elsie Bligh 3rd in Good citizen and not many Wolfhounds actually manage to qualify via good citizen so its credit to Helen's training, that she now has a mother and daughter team. Well done Helen.

Baby A with Julie

Baby A with Julie

Bonaforte's Meldrew or Baby A and Julie, what can we say about this lovely duo. Being their 1st Wolfhound Julie decided to have a little go at showing, and this was her 2nd Crufts!! They are both simply personality personified-if ever a hound was matched to the perfect owner then these two are it. Both as mad at each other with a massive sense of fun!

As a breeder, it is so gratifying to know and see the difference your puppies make to people's lives, and Julie's Prosecco Cupcakes are becoming legendary!!!

Sharon with Pourquoi

Sharon with Pourquoi

Bonaforte's Pourquoi very nearly ran the legs off Sharon such is her speed and stride. What is also really nice to see is her love of children, so many people come to the benches to meet Wolfhounds and Porky is in her element being fussed and adored.

Not forgetting our own Bonaforte's Ophelia, shown by Linda she moved with grace and power, loving the indoor hustle and bustle and to us captures the Wolfhounds' true movement.

Linda with Ophelia

Linda with Ophelia

54211700_2217615984947883_3972341254078857216_n (1).jpg

All our owners said what a lovely judge Roger Tebbutt (Caredig) had been, gentle with the hounds and giving every single dog his full attention which is exactly what is needed, especially when Crufts can be quite overwhelming.

Of course, would Crufts would not be Crufts for our owners without the necessary party. Vast amounts of cakes were baked for the occasion, and SkyeBear was dispatched both ringside and benches to offer some much needed sugary goodness to one and all.

Of course, Crufts is a dog show, but for our owners and us, it is also an opportunity to let people meet and greet this beautiful breed. If Wolfhounds are to survive in the 21st century, then people need to see them as fit and healthy and happy dogs, and we are delighted that all of our owners and hounds are perfect breed ambassadors.





Many thanks to Oralade Hydrate+ for their St Patricks Offer

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IWCT Homestead Hoedown


IWCT Homestead Hoedown

The Homestead Horse & Hound Hoedown in association with the IWCT.

What a great day the video says it all and a huge thank you to all the Bons who made this day a fantastic success and to all those who joined in the fun.

Thank you and hope we have more of this next year IWCT for an action-packed re-play! Well done.



What if we, knowingly breed using a hound who has heart disease?

Just siting here musing the new The Animal Welfare Law which comes into force on 1st October 2108.

Just a couple of points which have jumped out at me:

6.5 No dog may be kept for breeding if it can reasonably be expected, on the basis of its genotype, phenotype or state of health that breeding from it could have a detrimental effect on its health or welfare or the health or welfare of its offspring.

I'm guessing at the moment as mentioned in Our Dogs "New welfare laws could be monumental" (June 15th, 2018) We all assume this means the extremes such as the brachycephalic breeds, but just what if we, as Irish Wolfhound breeders, knowingly breed using a hound who has heart disease? Just putting it out there for us all to ponder!

The next little gem is:

  1. Business test The circumstances which a local authority must take into account in determining whether an activity is being carried on in the course of a business for the purposes of this Schedule include, for example, whether the operator— a. makes any sale by, or otherwise carries on, the activity with a view to making a profit, or b. earns any commission or fee from the activity.

Again the new law is looking for those who breed more than three litters, I would assume in any rolling 12 month period that you will be required to be licensed. However the Business test seems to be a caveat, so keep and file all your receipts and everything you do regarding your dogs; otherwise, if you make a profit, will you be considered a business and require a license even with under three litters.

In addition, breeders won't be able to advertise without producing a copy of their license? Interesting times for breeders, let's see where and how this helps animals, and fingers crossed it does.

Oh well off to read some more and work out the Yes Prime Minsterisms:

*"James Hacker: Are you telling me the Foreign Office is keeping something from me?

Bernard Woolley: Yes.

James Hacker: Well, what?

Bernard Woolley: I don't know; they're keeping it from me too.

James Hacker: How do you know?

Bernard Woolley: I don't know.

James Hacker: You just said that the Foreign Office was keeping something from me. How do you know if you don't know?

Bernard Woolley: I don't know specifically what, Prime Minister, but I do know the Foreign Office always keep everything from everybody. It's normal practice."*

Yes, Prime Minster 1986

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018



Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Some years back when we were starting up the kennel, the health of all the hounds we bred was a significant factor and has remained pivotal within our breeding program. Hence this year saw the 6th year of our bi-annual yearly heart testing sessions with Dr Serena Brownlee PhD BVM&S MRCVS Cert SAC. It was the usual busy time for both our dogs here at the kennel and also for our owners who had booked their hounds in for testing.

Wolfhounds are sadly prone to 2 significant problems one being heart disease and the other osteosarcoma though in recent years pneumonia is becoming more prevalent.

Serena, Hilary Jupp and The Irish Wolfhound Club, going back to the 80's had the idea of testing hounds to see if any trends could be observed. Seeking the answers to the heart issues in the breed. Was it genetic? Were males more susceptible than females? Which has now carried on to become the excellent Heart Testing Scheme still run today for the breed by the Health Group?

As a breed, we are incredibly fortunate to have such an eminent cardiologist as Serena still on board devoting so much of her time energy and knowledge into the health of our hounds.

So to present day, it has been shown that heart health is indeed genetic and while not all hounds from the same gene pool will be affected there is a much higher chance of developing the disease.

It is therefore vital that those in the breed are prepared to share all the data that has been collected from the beginning. Of course when anything is starting up and is unknown, then it is understandable for people to be cautious. Testing has always been done in a completely confidential way and still is.

Bringing us now to the 21st century and we are in the position of an ever decreasing gene pool and much smaller numbers being bred, it is ever more vital to only breed from the very healthiest hounds.

For our kennel, we made a commitment to breed from dogs with clear heart tests assisting Serena in her life's work. We agreed to feed every dog the same high-quality food and all dogs are exercised in the same way to see if nurture also has an effect on heart health. Serena tests every hound in our kennel twice a year, and our breeding is only carried out with her overview on the choices we are making, it is too soon to say whether or not this is going to have an impact longterm on heart health, but so far we are well above the breed average for heart health.

We also provide a yearly heart test for all of our owner's hounds, so all offspring are tracked. Heart testing sessions are hectic but its a great way of keeping in touch with owners and seeing how happy our hounds are.

We all know that things are moving forward at high speed in these modern times. Science is evermore bringing us new information and new drugs that are prolonging both human and animal life, and it is only by listening to the experts and adapting to these changes that we will progress.

Recently within the breed, there has been discussion around pneumonia. It has long been said that a particular drug could help in some instances. Sadly proven research did not back this up, and it is just one aspect of the impact of science. We have to listen to our experts, and we have to be prepared to accept that sometimes what we thought was working isn't.

No one as yet can predict which hound will get osteosarcoma, but via the excellent heart testing scheme, we can see which hounds are going to be at the highest risk of heart disease. We can wait until they are older and have a good few clear heart tests behind them before breeding with them. Once upon a time, we didn't have this facility to make choices for breeding, but now we do, and we have a responsibility to this beautiful breed to make full use of it and to commit to sharing our heart test data.


Times are changing, and as part of that new initiatives are coming out-for heart health there will be the R A G system-Red, Amber, Green which will simplify who can or should be bred from.

Estimated Breeding Values or EBVs can and will be used in the future, and we believe the heart data may one day be used in this way. All of which is very positive and bodes well for the future as these have been scientifically put together to try and improve the health of pedigree dogs. Anecdotal advice has been the only tool over the years, but now we have to be prepared to deal with adequately researched factual information if we are to protect the health of the breed going forward. . If you would like to know what happens during a heart test, there is a detailed video on the IWCT which can show that it is a simple procedure for the hound.


What are the benefits of a grain free diet?


What are the benefits of a grain free diet?

Results of Grain Free diets have been reported by vets in some cases to help reduce various symptoms. Complex Carbohydrates such as Potato and Sweet Potato, used as an alternative to grains, provide slow releasing energy which helps keep pets fuller for longer.


Crufts 2018 - Irish Wolfhounds


Crufts 2018 - Irish Wolfhounds

The Bonaforte Show Team Crufts 2018

The Bonaforte Show Team Crufts 2018

How to sum up this year at Crufts: What a Fabulous Atmosphere, camera, action, cakes, fun and friendships and a day full of laughter, add to that 166 Wolfhounds and it's true to say it was a delightful and memorable day for all.

On a more solemn note, our thoughts and prayers are with you Chris and your family at this sorrowful time. Despite the recent and sad loss of a family member, our breed specialist Chris Amoo put on a brave face indeed. Drawing a very well deserved huge entry from both UK and the continent including 9 Bonaforte Wolfhounds and although it wasn't our day in the ring all our owners who exhibited said how very kind and gentle he was with all the hounds.

Our beautiful Creamy (Ice Cream von der Oelmühle) came out in veteran for her last showing with Neil. We were so proud to see her powering around that big ring- the matriarch of the kennel. She had 2 of her sons showing on the day Anthony and Penny's Harker (Bonaforte's Amadeus) and our very own Bertie, (Bonaforte's Earl Grey) Our thanks to Maggie Holder for handling Bertie to 3rd place in a very strong limit class. These two have such a unique bond, and Bertie instantly recognises Maggie's empathy.

Continuing the family theme and to our delight two of Creamy's grandsons, Norris (Bonaforte's Odyssey) and Rupert ( Bonaforte's Opulence with Claddaghwolf) and her granddaughter Bonaforte's Ophelia was having her first outing, handled by Linda and what a fab pair they made. Julie and Arthur (Bonaforte's Meldrew) deserve special mention as despite only starting showing last summer they proudly took their place and it was great to see them confidently powering around the ring.

28872542_10156169751929120_7675686906817937408_o (1).jpg

The Show Stopper is always Phil's Jacket, as we all waited with a sense of excitement for the unveiling of the show jacket and he didn't let us down. A particular eye-catching green shamrock themed jacket and tie meant that he and Stan (Bonaforte's Justice) caught everyone's attention in the ring. It is to Phil's credit that not only does he show Stan to perfection he does it with his sense of style and fun!

Then came the girls -Kenzie (Bonaforte's Kensies Kisses) who just adores Dave and this shines through at every moment. She is like a pocket rocket and puts Dave through his paces and Bonaforte's Luna giving Robin a real workout!

We are so so proud of all of our hounds. They all moved out and looked powerful strong yet graceful, and as a kennel, they represented us so well.


A very special mention too, for Ava (Bonaforte's Enchanted at Ravencrag and her delightful daughter Elsie (Ravencrag Helter Skelter) who both not only qualified for Crufts in their own right but also went the extra mile and qualified for the Good Citizen's Class - Helen Bligh you are amazing!

Of course, the ring is just one aspect of Crufts. While we are there to show the hounds, it is just as important to show the public our special breed with their excellent temperament. We couldn't be happier with the Bonaforte hounds. They were mobbed by the public all day long who don't get to see our breed up close these days. It was beautiful to see such significant and loving interactions. Everyone who came to say hello was greeted like old friends by the hounds, and it bodes well for the breed to have such great ambassadors

To say there was a party atmosphere is to put it lightly -the Bonaforte Cake Ladies brought with them delicious delights. SkyeBear and Amy were dispatched ringside with trays heaving with cakes there was the pop of a cork or two to celebrate the fact that we all made it there and survived.

Many thanks to our very own Bonaforte photographer, Hugh, for our lovely photos. Of course the group photo, a feat in itself to get all hounds and owners outside in the same place at the same time with some "guidance" from Amanda we now have a beautiful photo reminder of an exceptional day.

A very special thank you to our Show Team leader Amanda Brown, Master of Roles (aka Julie Andrews) who skipped around the ring helping Helen with the girls, organised us all, including drafting this fab to write up. Thank you.


Lastly a HUGE THANK YOU to the Family von Bonaforte ( following on in the Julie Andrews theme here) you are all very dear to my heart, exceptional owners and friends, united by our love of Irish Wolfhounds.