There is absolutely no excuse why a breeder should not share these certificates and the information they contain with you, other than to either hide the results, or they don't test in the first place.

Heart test certificates are filled out by the qualified Veterinary Cardiologist and given to the breeder/owners at the time of the examination and the results discussed. Please be aware that all three methods of examination are required and the Vet carrying out the examination needs to have specialist qualifications. If you truly love this breed and care about its future please only buy from responsible breeders who heart test and those who will share their hounds heart test results with you. You will need to see a valid certificate for both the Dam and the Sire.

All our Irish Wolfhound puppies are vet checked: heart, lungs, mouth, eyes, rear hind flection test and general health check, shunt tested, and their vaccination programme has been started.

Irish Wolfhound Puppy
Irish Wolfhound Puppy

Copies of our Irish Wolfhound Heart Test Certificates.

What you are looking for on the Heart Certificate are ticks in BOTH the NORMAL boxes on the lower half of the certificate.  This is the all clear of a healthy hound on the day and one which can be used for breeding for 12 months from the date of testing.  See below the certificates for both the Dam and the Sire of our litter and this will give you a good idea of what you are looking for.  To be on the safe side we heart test  all our hounds every 6 months. Do not accept an out of date certificate.