I am needless to say over the moon with my 5-star rating awarded to the Bonaforte Irish Wolfhound Kennel under the new Defra Regulations.

On the day of the inspection, we spent three and a half hours and answered 47 sheets of questions, including providing extensive documentary evidence, and it makes complete sense because at the heart of it are the dogs and the puppies welfare, and for this reason alone we all need to be embracing this change.

It's the beginning of a considerable change for breeders of any kind, and one we should all welcome, if you breed, even one litter, make a profit, or have a stud dog and make a profit you will eventually need a licence. There are so many caveats attached at the moment, but they all seem to be pointing in the same direction, breed one litter, advertise, make a profit, and you need a licence, and a licence number.

Follwing the link below to read more on the Kennel Club website.