Many are begining to remark about the size of litters/ litters and how we don't struggle with getting bitches in whelp.

What we do is very simple, including all the necessary care, worming grooming, ears etc. So it's hard to say exactly why, but our hounds live very naturally, in luxury, but very naturally. They live as dogs, which means they don't live in central heating, which is unnatural for dogs, their kennels are temperature controlled and while there is air con, for times such as this summer, it is there to keep them comfortable.

The kennels are designed around the house, so they always see lots of comings and goings, and they also have free access to a large paddock, so they aren't contained. They have both day areas and night areas all with inside/outside access.

They have a lot of exercise, free galloping, and they don't eat human food, they have a high quality kibble with raw bones. Mentally they are stimulated as the kennels surround the house, and they have plenty of company, they are not treated as "furbabies" they are loved as dogs, and it is our feeling that we have such good health and fertility because they are happy and have freedom of choice living together in harmony.

Having said all that our old boy Sammy doesn't like to come into the house-so Hugh has put a log burner in the kennels especially for him. He's over 8 and just sired another litter. Bertie, my shadow, has access to the house, but he chooses when he wants to come in, and where he wants to go, usually never far behind me.

All we do is done with love and empathy. It is also our firm belief that a mating should occur naturally, we could have more, due to the size of the kennel but we have to limit ourselves and the girls, because of our day job!