Kennel Cough does the rounds, and our hounds don’t do too well with this virus /bacteria when it does. It’s an upper respiratory infection. The condition is also known as tracheobronchitis and affects the lungs, windpipe and voice box. It is highly contagious.

Some of the signs, can be, coughing up frothy liquid, coughing, high temperature, loss of appetite, dehydration, general unwell appearance, and standing with their neck extended and hanging low. 

The vet is your first port of call, do not wait. You will need a/b’s and maybe rehydration. Acting quickly against this is the best option, when caught in the early stages the recovery is very good.

Again the thermometer is your best friend here. Oralade is great to have in the cupboard for rehydration, and coconut oils soothe the throat if the cough appears. 

Above anything else take your wolfhound to the vets, they don't do well with respiratory problems and it needs to be caught quickly before infection takes hold in the lungs. It can convert to pneumonia very very quickly.