What kind of exercise is best? 

Free play is the best play for your puppy. Exploring the garden, and pottering around, until tired and flops down. Listen to him at this point, he will tell you when he is tired, and always be there to supervise him.

  • Do allow your puppy free exercise in a secure area preferably on grass every day. Although giant breed puppies have fragile bones and joints they do require some exercise to build up muscle tone and stamina.  A supervised run around on the lawn with you keeping an eye on them is important.
  • Do take your puppy out to meet people and other dogs once  fully vaccinated. Socialising your puppy is very important and any dog needs to get used to new places and experiences such as going in the car to visit friends and family or going to the park to meet other dogs, and puppy class.
.... exercise under control (on the lead) and only for 5 minutes at a time each day, he needs to enjoy it, but beware of damage to his soft bones running over uneven ground......
Build up very gradually, 5 minutes until 4 months. 10 minutes at 5 months 15 minutes at 6 months
Take the time to drive to the dog exercise area used locally, let him see the other dogs he will be mixing with and for them to see him, just stay for 10 minutes, do not let him off the lead for a long time yet, although if you have an extending lead this is a good way to train him to come when called and let him go again.....
— The Irish Wolfhound Health Group