A few of guidelines on how to avoid dietary and health issues in sensitive Irish Wolfhounds 

Choose a diet as chemically additive free as you can.  Just like in humans, excessive sugar can lead to health problems such as tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. Be wary of sugar-free alternatives, too. Sugarless sweets with Xylitol may cause liver damage and even death to some dogs. Similarly  try and avoid using all pulses, including peas, as these can create gas. Yeast can also cause allergic reactions, so avoid this too.

Avoid too much wheat and corn, as these are not only difficult for some to digest, they are often the ingredients which can cause allergic reactions. An intolerance to rice is also now being seen. A kibble high in grain is very hard to digest and does eventually weaken the digestive system. A high grain based diet is considered by some to be a cause of bloat.

I also avoid feeding meat and fruit together as they digest at different rates in the gut.  Fruit can also ferment in the gut, so leave a few hours between feeding protein and fruit. Steer clear of any complete foods containing Soya, as this blocks absorption in the gut of valuable minerals; can be hard to digest; promotes flatulence and  if your Irish Wolfhound is sensitive, diarrhoea in will increase.