Bonaforte's GF Haddock


Bonaforte's GF Haddock

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50% Haddock with Sweet Potato & Parsley Hypoallergenic and Formulated without Cereals or Grains

This recipe contains a hypoallergenic, human grade haddock, sweet potato, parsley and other wonderful ingredients.

This is a gluten, grain and cereal free complete recipe; ideally suited for adult dogs from 1-7 years. This kibble has been specially developed by leading nutritionists for all dogs wanting a high quality diet or for dogs with gluten, grain and cereal intolerances and/or sensitivities.

Made using Haddock offering the highest quality source protein available, and sourced entirely from the UK.

100% Human Grade Ingredients - 100% Full of Natural Goodness - Nothing Artificial - Wheat Gluten Free - Cereal Free - Grain Free - No Meat Proteins Whatsoever - Lactose Free - No Soya - No Dairy - No Fillers - No Artificial Colours - No Artificial Flavours - No Preservatives - 100% Free of ingredients that are likely to irritate or cause intolerances.