We were recently contacted by the Kennel Club and invited to take part in a collaboration day that the Kennel Club holds with Nikon to promote rare and vulnerable breeds, as the Irish Wolfhound is now on this list. As part of raising awareness with the public that these breeds though relatively rare are still very much alive and healthy, a joint day between the KC and Nikon with photographers is held at Stoneleigh, and we were honoured to be invited to bring a couple of our Wolfhounds along. During the photography session, there was a chance to speak to the other rare and vulnerable breed owners and get an insight into what they do to keep their breeds both vital and healthy while numbers are falling. In our opinion as breeders of Irish Wolfhounds, health testing is an essential tool moving the breed forward in the 21st century. The gene pool is smaller, and it is so important to utilise the tests that are available to try and ensure the future health of the breed.

Kennel Club Bonaforte Nikon

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest of the giant breeds and to keep them happy and healthy they have to have access to free galloping on a daily basis alongside proper nutrition and comfortable living conditions. It is becoming much harder for people unless they have their land to exercise these hounds adequately. Most sighthounds are very prey driven and can cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, so there are challenges for owners in these times when public spaces are becoming less accessible. While there are people, who have a real interest and passion for owning and living with the breed these points are considerations when choosing the Irish Wolfhound.