On 25th Sept The Irish Wolfhound Society held its Championship Show at Ryton. The judge was breed specialist Ms Mary McBryde. There was a large entry and it was wonderful to see so many Wolfhounds gathered. The Society are to be thanked for hosting what was a very friendly sociable show with plenty of time for chatting ringside.

We were particularly proud as we had quite a few of our owners who had entered some for the 1st time ever at a show. We are delighted that so many qualified for Crufts.

What was very exciting was we had two different mother/son combinations entered-Bonaforte's Back Chat in PG with her son Bonaforte’s Kelly's Hero in puppy-we have to make a mention to Carole his owner who was having her 1st time in the ring-they both did us proud.

We also had Bonaforte's Earl Grey in PG and his mum Ice Cream, and Harker and Nigella made a joint mum/son/daughter/brother/sister showing combo, Ice Cream being their mum too, who was showing for her 1st time in Veteran. What made this such a fabulous day for us was Creamy won Best Veteran-her owner Neil taking to the ring for the 1st time also-a truly momentous day for Bonaforte.

These four 7 years bitches provided a difficult class to judge & from the ringside my decision may have surprised, but hands on in the ring it was clear that the beautifully presented experienced showgirls were unfit & devoid of muscles, whereas the small bitch on her first venture into the ring was packed with muscle & could go straight out & hunt successfully. This became the deciding factor. 1 Du Rose’s Ice Cream von der Oelmuhle with Heliodor, 7 years. Small r/wh not being shown to her advantage, but upon examination she is a really good typical bitch. Lovely feminine head, with black pigmentation, dark eyes & small rose ears. Long arched neck smoothly inserted into well laid shoulders, long sloping upper arms, good forechest, deep long ribcage & a good tuck-up. Strongly arched loin. Pelvis a bit steep but long & wide, broad well angulated hind legs. Very well muscled throughout, & in great physical condition. Moved extremely well, & could clearly go hunting big game whenever required.

Of course there is always fun to be had with our owners so we can’t forget to mention Norris-who is becoming something of a Bonaforte mascot!

If you would like to join the show team and have some fun please contact us.