We have just completed another 3 day marathon of heart testing here at the Bonaforte Irish Wolfhound Kennel. Over 40 Wolfhounds in total and as usual all of our hounds were tested and we are very pleased with the results.

We were extremely fortunate to have Dr Serena Brownlie here as always, and again she was joined by Professor Malcolm Cobb. This gave the experts the opportunity to double test our Wolfhounds, examining and comparing their results as they each tested the same hounds in turn. Both of the eminent Veterinary Cardiologists were using completely different testing equipment, yet despite this and keeping in mind they both have their own techniques and interpretations of the heart, both cardiologists agreed on their findings and our heart test results. Not of course that we needed this confirmation, as Dr Serena Brownlie is a valued and respected expert in her field, but what excellent validation for us here that the experts are in agreeance with our heart test results.

We also hosted some of the final year Veterinary Students from Nottingham University and it is heartening to see students who have such enthusiasm and passion, and they spoke very highly of their course and how well it prepared them.

We hope that by opening up our Kennel to the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science at Nottingham University, it will be beneficial for the future of our breed. We are absolutely delighted that both the Veterinary Cardiologists were very happy with the heart test results and their findings and the overall health and fitness of the Irish Wolfhounds in the Bonaforte Kennel.

As usual our owners showed how dedicated they are to our efforts in heart screening by bringing their hounds to be tested. We are fortunate that the importance of this testing is understood by our owners and as we enjoy a lunch together it’s a great opportunity for us all to catch up and chat, all about Wolfhounds of course!

Whilst we understand that there are other health issues affecting the Irish Wolfhound, we strongly believe that as we have the facility to test for heart health and it is a vital tool in securing the future health of our Wolfhounds. Making educated choices for matings based on proven test results is one of the safeguards for future puppies health and although there are no cast iron guarantees it does give an indicator and is the least all breeders and owners should be doing. The Irish Wolfhound Health Group now have a page where breeders and owners can upload results and we sincerely hope everyone will support this.

We believe our Wolfhounds deserve the very best, we put a lot of time, thought and effort into ensuring they have happy, healthy, and secure lives, to that end we must say a personal thank you to Dr Serena Brownlie, who comes along twice a year to heart test our hounds. Not only is she a highly respected eminent cardiologist she is also a very gentle caring person who guides us all through what can be a stressful time. Who amongst us doesn’t hold our breath when our hound is being tested until we get what we hope is going to be a good result. Serena is as kind and gentle with us and our owners as she is with all the Wolfhounds, a truly dedicated lady who the breed is lucky to have at the helm of the Heart Testing Scheme.

So please if you have a Irish Wolfhound join the Irish Wolfhound Heart Testing Scheme and get your hound tested. Please, please, please publish the outcome regardless of the results. It could make all the difference to their quality of life, and to the future of the breed.

We look forward to seeing more of our owners and Irish Wolfhounds at the next session in Nov 2017

Please follow the link for:   Bonaforte Kennel Heart Test Results.

Please follow this link for:  More information on how and where to Heart Test your Irish Wolfhound through the Irish Wolfhound Health Group Heart Testing Scheme.