When establishing the Bonaforte Kennel, the show ring was never my goal. The health of my hounds came first and foremost and is still my primary driver. I ignored criticism for not showing my dogs against their peers, as my aims conflicted with the wildly misconceived constraints on a dog's aesthetic form.

In recent times I have been so happy to see some of our owners with encouragement taking their 1st steps into the ring and doing very well.

Recently Bonaforte’s Meldrew (aptly named as he was such a vocal puppy) with his owner Julie Grimwood took part in the East of England show and qualified for Crufts. Julie, a show virgin, found it a nerve racking experience but I was delighted to see both Arthur and Julie so proud of their win.


It makes all the hard work you do as a breeder so worth while when you see such happy hounds and owners.

Congratulations Julie and Arthur Crufts 2018 will be a lot of fun ☺

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