Suprelorin is a chemical castration for male dogs rendering them temporarily infertile.  The implant lowers testosterone levels, reduces the size of the testes, decreases libido and decreases the sperm count.  The implant takes about year to wear off.  It's steroid based - so your dog may just urinate more at first, but this normalises after a few days.  Suprelorin will work reasonably quickly and like castration it may change the energy/personality of your hound and may lead to weight gain. 

With the onset of puberty your hound may appear to change with the increased testosterone levels.  This is why with a male hound is it vitally important that you focus on obedience training them right from the word go.  This is advantageous when puberty starts, as you can  gain your hound's focus keeping them under control. 

We use and recommend the implant, instead of castration. but please don’t go down this route of either form of castration until your hound is fully grown.  We suggest he should be at least over the age of two, it will vary, but please never younger than this. 

Please ask you vet about Suprelorin as an alternative to castration and it does however avoid an anaesthetic.

A male Wolfhound can be shall we say a bit more challenging when his testosterone kicks in, and this is one of the reasons why for certain families and first time Wolfhound owners we recommend having a girl.