If you are reading this you are thinking of living with a large hunting hound, please think carefully, it is really important you do your homework when contemplating sharing your life with an Irish Wolfhound


  1. All our Irish Wolfhound pups are liver shunt tested, and to date have passed with low results. The shunt test certificate will be found in our puppy pack. 
  2. All the hounds are heart tested every six months. Our puppies will be from parents who are heart tested regularly and cleared for breeding by a Veterinary Cardiologist.  Copies of the heart test certificates for both parents are always included in the puppy pack.
  3. All our Irish Wolfhound puppies are vet checked: heart, lungs, mouth, eyes, rear hind flection test and general health check, in accordance with the Assured Breeder Scheme.  The vaccination card is also included in your puppy pack along with results from the health check. 
  4. All our puppies are micro-chipped 
  5. All our puppies are vaccinated
  6. Our puppies parents are heart tested every 6 months, parents are DNA tested and mating hounds are heart matched. 
  7. Our Irish Wolfhound puppies are Kennel Club Registered.
  8. All our puppies leave with 4 weeks free insurance
  9. All puppies are sold with endorsements (see blog for more details on endorsements).
  10. All documents accompany your new puppy plus a supply of My Beloved Wolfhound Salmon & Potato kibble. 
  11.  We also offer a free heart testing service once your hound reaches the age of 24 months.  It is very important for the Kennel and the breed that we keep track of the future heart health of our puppies.
  12. In addition, we make a donation with every puppy sale to further Irish Wolfhound Heart research.  
  13. Most importantly of all, our puppies are born and raised in a home environment.  Socialisation and handling play a large and important part of our rearing techniques, giving our puppies the best possible foundation we can, and we take time off from our work to ensure this happens.   Our puppies are used to the vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dishwasher, TV and radio, the general clatter and commotion of the home. We expose them to as many different sounds and experiences as possible, and keen to introduce them to as many floor surfaces as possible too. 
  14. How much is an Irish Wolfhound Puppy?  Starting at £2,000 to purchase and on average including insurance, an Irish Wolfhound will cost you anywhere between £65 and £100 per month to keep.  In addition, they are certainly not the easiest breed to own;  they are very sensitive creatures,  so finding them the right environment for their needs is crucial.  You will need to do your homework and listen to your breeder, please. Despite their size, Irish Wolfhound puppies are very easy to injure when young and growing.  They grow like weeds and their own exuberance can be their undoing, with their fragile gangly legs, too much bouncing around, carrying too much weight and playing with older dogs can cause untold damage, misery, and vets bills.      
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