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+ Will you sell a puppy to someone who has not owned a Wolfhound before?

We have quite a few owners who were 'first time owners' and we do not discriminate against any potential puppy owners that don't have previous experience of the breed. That said we do have a huge obligation to make potential new owners fully aware of all the possible of owning a Wolfhound. The breed and they are most certainly not for everyone.

+ Can I own a Wolfhound if I work full time?

We would not recommend anyone owning a Wolfhound who works full time. Wolfhounds are hugely sensitive and they just love company. Being extremely demanding as youngsters, they need you to be there for them. They can be very high energy, but in addition their exercise has to be monitored first 12 months at least. It all comes down to practicalities really and owners that ‘cope’ best with a Wolfhound puppy are those that have everything in place at home.

+ Do I need a large house and garden to own a Wolfhound?

The short answer is, ‘no’, not necessarily. Obviously Wolfhounds do take up a certain amount of space in any home and they do need an appropriate level of exercise (appropriate to their age and stage of development), even when they are at home. You will need a secure fence lawn area. However, if you have access to a public area where a hound can be exercised safely then you don’t need to have acres of land. Any exercise outside of the home environment must be safely away from roads and livestock, a Wolfhound can cover large distances very quickly.

+ Prey Drive

We can never tell or predict if a puppy is going to end up having a high prey drive, they are all individuals and all very different in that respect, however the Irish Wolfhound is a hunting hound.

+ What is the best age to have a Wolfhound puppy?

We find the best age for a puppy go to its new home is around 9 to 10 weeks and definitely before 3 months of age. An older Wolfhound puppy is quite a size. Wolfhound puppies sometimes do not understand their own strength, nor do they have any concept of how big they are.

+ Do Wolfhounds get along well with other dogs and animals?

Wolfhounds are a hugely social breed and generally get along very well with other dogs and also other animals, providing they have been brought up with them. We have owners who have other dogs of all shapes and sizes and also owners who have cats, horses, chickens, goats, rabbits, parrot and a pet turkey. Despite their size they are a hugely tolerant and restrained breed, but as they say “Gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.” They are a galloping sighthound, so they will take off across a field after a rabbit, pheasant, squirrels etc. Many Wolfhounds live quite happily in pet homes and adapt themselves to suburban life, but there are practical considerations with Wolfhounds, just like any giant breed or any hound.

+ Do you have a procedure for selecting suitable owners?

Yes we do, at Bonaforte we always have an extensive waiting list as Wolfhounds are now classed as a vulnerable native breed due to their declining numbers. This means that there are never enough puppies available for everyone that wants one. We aim to be very fair and unbiased when considering who will make a suitable owner, but our first priority is always to our own puppies and we make no apologies for refusing some. We try and make decision with the best interest of our puppies in mind.

Firstly we organise a Wolfhound Welcome Visit, when an existing owner with their hound comes to visit you. For practical reasons really, just so you can see how large a Wolfhound is in your home and get the feel of how a Wolfhound would fit into your life and on your sofa! If all goes to plan and you like the idea of living with a Wolfhound, then if you wish you can be placed on our register.

If you are still interested in owning a Wolfhound from Bonaforte then please contact us giving some details of your lifestyle and current situation and any other relevant factors you may consider to be important.

Not everyone wants a puppy, and some prefer to foster a more mature Wolfhound. If this is something that you are looking to do, then please contact me for more details.

Be prepared to a wait for your Bonaforte puppy, and as we constantly remind ourselves, "Man plans, God laughs"