Find a balanced diet  to suit your Irish Wolfhound's natural lifestyle and you  

Like human food, complete dog foods have become a matter of convenience.  

Adding raw food is back to the biology of what your hound eats.

The less unnatural things in the diet the better.  

Behavioural issues can be the result of a poor diet.   

The most common behavioural abnormality is lassitude and prolonged sleeping 

Dogs stomachs have a higher ph 3-4 thus enabling digestion of raw meat and bone matter.  

Raw bones are moist and do not splinter like cooked dry bones.

Dogs are not designed to eat starchy carbs they have no significant amylase enzyme  

Input effects Output and feeding additives, colourings and chemicals has a direct effect on the behaviour of your hound.

Refined carbs turn to sugar when we eat them, and these sugars encourage "bad" gut bacteria, which can lead to allergies and intolerances.  

Raw food helps with constipation, IBS, anal gland issues, anxiety and hyperactivity.

The solidness of "bone poo" helps with anal gland issues

Chewing bones has a calming effect. 

Raw juicy marrow bones sate your hound

Feed a biologically appropriate balanced diet, a simple kibble and  raw bones 

Overfeeding a puppy during the active, rapid growth period after weaning leads to skeletal problems.

Overfeeding  adult dogs leads to obesity and serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Never leave you dog alone with a bone. Raw bones can break vulnerable teeth. Never leave a dog with bones that splinter.