When reading this week’s Our Dogs breed notes, I was reminded of the old saying “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all”

I buy the paper and read the notes for interesting items relative to the breed, so the information about the Society winners was very welcome (though in the case of the puppy bitch winner incorrect). What I found surprising was the “critique” of the breed note writer from her position of watching ringside. Her hideous and unwarranted comments were faked with satire, and will certainly not be flavour of the month amongst the exhibitors and many others in our breed.

I must admit that like everyone I enjoy watching judging and like everyone I have my thoughts on placings etc. but in this case the breed note writer was NOT the judge. No one paid for her opinion, it was merely that of a bystander and whilst I afford everyone the right to their opinion and it is a part of the day out at a show, but it was not her place to use the breed notes to give her personal opinion on the dogs on the day, particularly before the judge’s critique is published.

We have a breed which is numerically small and in a time when many shows and judges are struggling to attract entries , those people who take the time to pay to enter their dogs should surely be encouraged rather than being disparaged by a breed note writer sitting ringside. After all whilst we all may have our opinions they are only valid to anyone else, including readership, if they have been actually asked for.