Free heart testing for all Bonaforte Irish Wolfhounds

Every 6 months we heart test our Irish Wolfhounds,  and as a kennel we are committed to the taking the breed forward with heart health.   With this in mind we have decided to take the scheme one step further and so we are now offering all our puppy owners the opportunity to have their Wolfhounds heart tested here (at no cost to their owners) every year, and then at Serene Brownlie’s (Veterinary Cardiologist) discretion thereafter, so that any dog born here will have an ongoing record of cardiac health.  DNA swobs are also taken and this data is to be included in the study too.  

All data from both our own dogs and any of the dogs we have bred we have given full permission to be entered onto the database and the findings to be published or be used for further research as Serena sees fit. 

I think you will all agree that these are very interesting times and we feel that the tide is definitely turning in terms of health testing in general and a desire to move things forward? We are very excited at the prospect of achieving an accurate picture of the health of our dogs, even though there may be some unpleasant surprises along the way, but when those do crop up we will take them as a learning opportunity, continuing forward with help and support.  

Established and well respected breeders should heart test their hounds at least once a year. Please always ask to see the up to date heart certificates.  A strong heart is a good starting point. 

Follow the link and publish your heart Test Results on The Irish Wolfhound Health Group page