The Kennel Club is calling for urgent action this summer to prevent irresponsible owners leaving dogs in cars: even with the windows down and water availble, a hot car is an unsuitable place for a dog in the summer sun. As the following video demonstrates.

Don't Cook Your Dog

Always consider your journey with a dog in the car, especailly if you don't have air conditioning, and even with it, a dog can become too hot in the full sun.

Take a look at Open for Dogs website. Kennel Club Dog Friendly Places This site includes all places that are part of the Kennel Club’s Open for Dogs campaign and is the UK’s largest database of places to stay and visit that will welcome you and your dogs.

To re-cap never leave your dog unattended in a car even with the window opens and water available. Never let your dog take part in unnecessary exertion in hot weather or stand in exposed sunlight. Never pass by a dog if you see it suffering: If in doubt call the police or the RSPCA 03001234999