Heart Testing  Weekend

Sunday 4th November and Monday 5th November 2018

To book your hound in for heart testing, please click on the button to the right, then select your date and time from the calendar. 

Although there is no charge for any Bonaforte Hounds, I'm sure the IWCT would love a small donation:  

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All Non Bons hounds are charged £50 per consultation and you are most welcome.

Further Heart Testing Appointments are available via the IWHG Regional Heart Testing Scheme.





Owners’ Checklist for Heart Testing Sessions

Before you bring your Wolfhound for heart testing: 

The address for the farm is: 

Broadholme House Farm
Broadholme Lane
DE56 2JG 

Things to bring with you (apart from the dog): 

  • Name, address and phone number of your registered vet

  • The dog’s KC registered name

  • Date of birth

  • KC registration number

  • KC registered names of parents

  • (usually all found on your Kennel Club paperwork)

  • The dog’s microchip number (either on your contract from us or on your vaccination card)

  • Previous heart test certificate (if your dog has been tested before)

When you arrive at the Farm: 

No matter what time you arrive at the Farm please leave your dog in the car whilst you find a helper and let them know that you have arrived. You will then be informed as to how much time you have available before your dog will be called 

You will be asked to fill out the details at the top of the heart test certificate and help is available to assist with this 

If you need to exercise your dog, then please feel free to take your hound, on lead, through the gates opposite the main Farm gate which is a fenced walkway between the horses exercise paddocks.
DO NOT let the dog off lead and DO NOT enter the final gate into the fields as horses are roaming loose 

Please DO NOT bring any dogs into the house or into the stables/kennels as Carla’s own dogs will be housed in those areas

We are now using our office, instead of the kitchen, which is at the top of the steps under the archway. Here we can fill  out the paperwork and there is  tea, coffee and cakes etc. available.  

The testing procedure: 

A member of staff or helper will let you know when Serena is ready to heart test your hound and you will be shown across the yard and into the Kennel Kitchen for the three part test – (stethoscope, Doppler and ECG). Serena carries out the test, but Bonaforte staff are also present to assist in holding your dog still

At some testings sessions (but not all), there will be Undergraduates from Nottingham Vet School present to chat to owners and to take DNA cheek swabs. Please make these students welcome as many have had very limited contact with Wolfhounds before and they are involved in the ongoing research. 

After your hound has been tested:  

Please return your dog to the car or exercise your dog if needs be and then place the dog back in your vehicle

Make sure you have everything before you leave; your paperwork, your copy of the heart test certificate, a new IWCT collection tin if you need one....................your dog!