The professionals are telling us, nay begging us, to share the heart test data. Transparency is required, they all say, and this will help the breed go forward, enabling breeders and owners to make informed choices. Yet this isn’t happening! Astounding, it is astounding.

We have the top experts in the country advising us what to do. We have Nottingham University bending over backwards to help us. This alone is certainly something other breeds would give their hind teeth for, yet what do we do? Argue about the meaning of the wording on a test form. Equivocal, yes we have been told it means re-test, we have been told it means that it may be something, yet it may be nothing. If it is something then do you really want to take the chance and put your hound’s life in danger. No of course not, well I hope not!

Why aren’t we sharing? Because we feel there will be shame attached to our lines and kennels? However there almost certainly will be shame attached to all of us in the history books if we don’t share now.

Breed Clubs I am beseeching you to put this on your agendas, and do what is right for our breed.

We Care, We Share